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Join "Spooky" for a lively tour, full of audience participation, history and ghostly tales. If you enjoy outdoor theater, this is the tour for you! She is a well-known personality in the field of paranormal research. Spooky is a published author, and the host of "Ghostly Encounters" radio show. She has been featured on TV, radio, in magazines, and has lectured at conferences across the United States.


Phil is a regional recording artist who has performed with major label artists such as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Duncan Sheik, and The Ramones. As the son of a federal employee and retired Navy Chief, Phil spent most of his formative years in Rural southern Virginia, immersed in the rich history and culture of the confederate south. As a storyteller, Phil assumes the moniker of "Dr. Phil, Civil War Surgeon", and recounts stories of the deadliest military unit of all... The US Army Medical Corps.


Even as a child, Ginger was fascinated by things that go bump in the night. Originally from Baltimore, her favorite show growing up was "Ghost Host". Her bedtime stories were written by authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King. Dubbed "The Queen of Halloween" by her friends and family, she has finally found the perfect job.


Dan has studied Civil War history with an emphasis on Gettysburg for many years. When not on tour, Dan can often be found hiking the Heritage Trails and Battlefields in Gettysburg. His first ghostly experience occurred while living in an old farmhouse in Maryland and from that moment he was hooked.


"Bob" is a veteran in the art of story telling.He has been an avid story teller, as well as a collector of folkore and tales since he was a little boy.Bob hails from an extremely large Southern family in Virginia.His fondest memories are gathering around family  campfires while his aunts and uncles swapped stories, vying to outdo one another.Bob specifically remembers listening attentively to the stories of one of his more notable family members,General Jubal A. Early (General Lee's "Bad Old Man.")General Early is Bob's great great great Grand Uncle.These stories of his "Uncle Jube" led Bob to his profound interest in Civil War History.

Shorty Foster

Shorty Foster is a talented storyteller who takes on the persona of a private in the Union army.

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