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Join us for a candlelit walking tour that you will remember fondly for years to come! Our walking tours are pet friendly. Rain or shine.

Author's Tour - Join Gettysburg's most popular tour guide and published author, Johlene "Spooky" Riley, who will personally escort you to locations featured in her book, "Ghostly Encounters of Gettysburg." Tours days vary. Times include 7:00pm, 8:00pm and 9:30pm. Cost is $12.00 per person.

Black Cat Tour - Taking guests along Gettysburg's quiet dark alleys by candlelight to locations which were active battlefields and homes of makeshift shallow graves. Each guide has their own route and tours may visit locations such as the Lincoln Cemetery, the Farnesworth House, the Grove, the Haunted Creek Bed, the Rupp House Museum, the Dobbin  House, the Jenny Wade House, the Orphanage and the Victorian Photo Studio. Cost is $9.00 per person 12 years and up and $5.00 per guest under the age of twelve.

Battlecry Tour - Escorting guests along what was once known as "No Man's Land" where the streets ran red with blood in 1863! Where you will pass Battlefields, Cemeteries, Haunted Hotels and the Reynold's "Death House!" Cost is $9.00 per person 12 years and up and $5.00 per guest under the age of twelve.

Live or Die Tour - The Live or Die Tour focuses on human interest stories of REAL Civil War soldiers! At the start of this tour each guest will receive a card bearing the name of a man who fought at Gettysburg. During the course of this candlelit walking tour, led by a period dressed guide, guests will be immersed in the history and hauntings of a specific Union or Confederate regiment. At the conclusion of this unique tour, our guests will ultimately discover whether THEIR soldier LIVED or DIED! Enjoy a truly personal Civil War experience like no other...join us where history and mystery come together! Cost is $9.00 per person 12 years and up and $5.00 per guest under the age of twelve. Group rates for ten or more guests is $6.50 per person. Tours are at Saturdays during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Scare on the Square Tour - This one hour tour will include locations such as the Wills House, where president Abraham Lincoln stayed the evening prior to giving the Gettysburg Address. Also included are the James Getty Hotel, the Globe Tavern, the Gettysburg Hotel, the German Reform Church, the Old Main School Building, Seminary Ridge and the Town Square. Cost is $9.00 per person 12 years and up and $5.00 per guest under the age of twelve. Group rates are available for groups of ten or more - call for details.

XTREME Ghost Hunt: The most extreme ghost hunt available to the public! The most intense locations, extended time and even more extreme cutting edge equipment! Ghost hunt like the pros with the pros! Investigate haunted private indoor and outdoor locations with Gettysburg Paranormal Association...the group you've on seen TV! More equipment, small intimate group sizes, great locations and you get all the evidence!!! You receive a Collector's Edition Certificate bearing your name, a Glossy 5"x7" group photo as well as the evidence~ photo, video and evp sessions on a DVD, all mailed to you. Guests must be at least 8 years old to participate in this more intense investigation. EXTREME Ghost Hunts take place every night. The XTREME Ghost Hunt times vary, but it will be dark. Tickets cost $55.00 per guest.

XTREME Ghost Hunt Challenge: This is unlike any of our regularly scheduled ghost hunts,. On this hunt we will split into two teams. Each team is assigned five points. The goal is to keep as many points as you can. The team with the most points at the end wins the challenge and. the prizes! There will be a live feed of the investigation in progress, and we will have split screen monitoring stations set up. One person from each team will be voted in as “Ghost Bait.” That person will be put through a number of paranormal challenges that will test their skills and also their nerves!!! Will they run out of the pitch black haunted basement and lose points from their team or will they stay put and stay calm? And will they be able to handle what may happen in the attic ? Do you think YOU have what it takes? Sign up and let’s find out! The cost is $57.50 per person. You may even put together a team of your friends if you wish. Happens on Saturday nights!

Author's Storytelling Event: Special Storytelling Presentation with Johlene "Spooky" Riley at Battlefield Brew Works, 248 Hunterstown Road in Gettysburg on the historic Monfort Farm (the largest confederate field hospital in Gettysburg). Enjoy a delicious entree, a cold refreshing beverage and spine tingling tales from beyond the grave! This great dinner & drink package for $30.00 includes your choice of Dinner Entree and Drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic. ) Space is limited.

Author's Haunted Bus Tour - As you pass locations such as Civil War Hospitals, the Infamous Railroad Cut, the Gettysburg College, Seminary Ridge and many more, your guide will recount some of the most amazing ghost sightings. Step off the motor coach and set your feet on special locations known for their illustrious history and frequent paranormal activity. Your 90 minute guided tour is priced at $24.95 for adults. The tour includes two stops including Sach's Bridge and Daniel Lady Farm. Call 717-338-181 for our boarding schedule. Tours depart from Gettysburg Ghost Tours, 47 Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg, PA. Tours run in the summer.

Wine & Spirits Tour: Join Published Author, Johlene "Spooky" Riley for the Wine & Spirits Tour. Hear ghost stories and history by candle light on this 90 minute walking tour! Enjoy delicious craft beer, wine and distillery products at two step off points in the Heart of historic & Haunted Gettysburg! $20.00 per person.

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Reservations for our Tours and Ghost Hunts are not required, however, they are recommended as we limit the amount of guests on each tour. Tickets are first come, first served. Major credit cards, cash and checks are accepted.

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